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Many of us have goals of physical fitness, and for quite a few of us, becoming physically fit will require a little bit of weight loss. Exercise is always a key factor in getting healthy and losing weight, but the role of a good diet cannot be refuted.

Just About Everyone Is aware…

That the ingestion of one single food is unlikely to make or break a diet plan. However, some foods–particularly certain fruits and vegetables–can be of great benefitimgres 1 150x150 Help for Those Losing Weight in aiding weight loss when eaten as a part of a balanced diet. In general, foods that are low in fat and sodium and high in fiber are excellent choices for those looking to lose weight. Tart cherries are just such a food, but it has been suggested that the tart cherry in particular may offer even more for dieters and those beginning a new workout regimen.

Though we’ve yet to find any food or drink that will make you thinner through the simple act of drinking it, there are a few that are known to help rebuild muscle tissue after workouts. In a weight loss study conducted at London South Bank University and published in the American College of Sports Medicine’s journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, a single ounce of cherry juice concentrate taken twice a day for 7 days before and 2 days after a heavy bout of strength training helped athletes recover significantly faster than they did when given a placebo. Similar studies conducted by the Oregon Health and Science University and the University of Vermont also produced results that point to tart cherry juice having a beneficial effect on muscle tissue recovery.

Tart cherries and tart cherry juice are extremely low in sodium and fat, but like all fruits, they do contain sugar. In fact, the amount of sugar in tart cherries is very similar to the amount found in sweet cherries! Just as the absence of sugar in a food does not make it healthy (many fatty foods as well as diet sodas contain little or no sugar), the presence of sugar in a food does not necessarily mean that it is a poor choice for dieters. It does, however, mean that moderation is important. The bottom line is: Including tart cherries and tart cherry juice in a balanced diet might not be a miracle cure for obesity or a guaranteed method of weight loss, but evidence certainly suggests that this fruit may be packing more than powerful flavors!

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